What could my design be

Reflection on my thesis and design process
Design Future / Design Goals
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I used to worry about what is a good design, and how to make your design be trustful and valued, like my design could influent more people, it could make users’ life happier or someday it will become a big deal.

However, sometimes, caring more about the impact, the tech we use, or how rare my design is are not making it better. Because too much concerning the result, too much pressure. And the pressure will make me could not see what phenomenon/scene I am touched (good or bad).
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So what could touch me most?
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In this process, I find SYSTEMIC DESIGN, DESIGN FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION, TRANSITION DESIGN. In each area, there are so many details I am concerning about and should learn. I believe they will make my design more researched and systematic.On top of that, I hope maybe this blog process and design could inspire readers and users to have a desire for future life, just like me:)Because there are so many designers are working on it, just like me, right?:)

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🌿10🌿 Ideas Developing 3

Assumption map and new directions...
15minutes Brainstorming / Determined Topic
After researching and do brainstorming all the solutions, I just feel like I might be in the wrong direction. Because all the ideas are valid, there is no space I could do in the future.I need to think more about my topic…
Possible directions
Possible Direction Map
Possible direction 1 - Catcalling
Having a meeting with JB and Tien-Wei. We talked about Body Judgement the sexual harassment. and JB give me a really good idea about “CATCALING”. After making the assumption map, I talk to Tony again. We talk about the risky evaluation.
Assumption Map
Risky Evaluation Map
“It’s quite interesting this phenomenon really normal to see this problem in western countries, but not that normal in eastern countries. Maybe you could find some research or history about Nordic feminist history.” — Tony
Possible direction 2 — “WOMEN ONLINE PRIVACY”
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