Co-city is an innovative and cross-platform tool that motivates users to participate in the urban planning process.


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Xiaolong Li
Yunying Ren
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problem space

In the current Chinese urban planning process, the communication gap among government, urban planners, and residents cannot be ignored. Usually urban planners do the field study only by themselves but hardly have time to talk with enough local people to get fresh and real thoughts. On top of it, this communication gap leads to subjective research results and planning design.
I need to dissolve the gap by a more humanized and thoughtful approach.


How might we increase residents' chances to participate in the Chinese urban planning process?


As the most complex problem I have ever met, the solution I proposed and designed also is a solution package rather than just one application.

To ensure that the planning process runs smoothly, the Co-city platform includes a key mobile application,  redefinition and reclassification of urban planners, and a reconstruction of the urban planning technical system.
part 1
Key mobile app | Cheng Cheng
To increase residents' engagement, an easy-mode app is the best option.
By using it, residents can post and view urban project issues, participate in building a planning research information database, and make appointments for face-to-face discussions with designers.
○  Discover your city
○  Enjoy community
○  Building community
part 2
Redifination of urban planners
Different from "elite urban planners" in design institutes, it is really necessary to have "co-urban-planners". They can be bridges that help residents to understand future projects, collect feedback and cooperate with governments and other industries.
○ Responsibility diagram of co-urban-planners
part 3
Reconstruction of urban planning process
To ensure that the co-city planning system runs smoothly, rebuilding a new technical flow is really essential. It will make clear procedures and management for all the involved roles. It will also guide "co-urban-planners" to do their job well.
Reconstruction diagram of the urban planning technical system


6 times in 3 universities
In the nationwide graduation project defense organized by the China Association of City Planning, I reported my work and received the appreciation of the experts.
published book
Between the rails and ties
My graduation work has been published the China Association of City Planning.
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