I am Yuxuan Hou.

I play, experience, and create as only as I can.

I am currently in my new chapter as a product designer based in New York.

I also have many diverse identities: dancer, emcee, urban planner, and lego+minions fan. All these traits enable me to become a designer who would love to hear users' stories and spark their desires for an ideal life. I am fascinated with social problem-solving by combining emerging technology and the physical world beyond a screen.

When not designing, you may catch me dancing, traveling, snowboarding, watercolor painting, making+drinking coffee, or watching the stars in the wild.

In every moment, I am a designer. I am all about self-growth and building invaluable experience.

My magic beans

Inexhaustible enthusiasm + Infinite vitality + Romantic creativity

Let's talk!

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