What could my design be

Reflection on my thesis and design process
Design Future / Design Goals
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I used to worry about what is a good design, and how to make your design be trustful and valued, like my design could influent more people, it could make users’ life happier or someday it will become a big deal.

However, sometimes, caring more about the impact, the tech we use, or how rare my design is are not making it better. Because too much concerning the result, too much pressure. And the pressure will make me could not see what phenomenon/scene I am touched (good or bad).
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So what could touch me most?
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In this process, I find SYSTEMIC DESIGN, DESIGN FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION, TRANSITION DESIGN. In each area, there are so many details I am concerning about and should learn. I believe they will make my design more researched and systematic.On top of that, I hope maybe this blog process and design could inspire readers and users to have a desire for future life, just like me:)Because there are so many designers are working on it, just like me, right?:)

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🌱02🌱 Ideas Exporing 2

Initial thesis ideas visualizing
Social Problem Visualization / Thesis Topics Selecting
This week we were asked to use images to explain our ideas. I made 2 collections for each idea and try to talk to more people to get feedback.
1. Stolen life by phones
Everyone is focusing on the phone rather than real life
“You cannot use too direct methods to directly hinder people from using mobile phones and block signals. You should use positive ways to guide people to make/consider. Using mobile phones every day is really necessary.”  
— Tony
“How let people realize that they are overusing mobile phones? Maybe records what everyone does with their mobile phones every day? And reminding them they need to change their lifestyles?”
— Tien-Wei

When I was talking about everyone being too focused on their phone to my classmates, they all agreed that people are too into this. But the most important thing is how I could let people drop off their phones in an appropriate way.

2. Protect women from hidden cameras
Spy camera
“It’s really necessary to give a solution for all the women in Asian country, China, Korea, and India happen a lot” “Clothing material could be chosen as reflective things.”
— Nikhil
“Yeah, it happens a lot. But how could you detect the camera? The hidden camera is really small and secret.”
— Esther

When I talked about this problem with my classmates, most of them are feel so angry and sad as I was. We all believe this is a very serious phenomenon and it should be fixed.

These two problems seem both should be solved immediately. So how could I make the right choice for the future research and design?

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